Aloha Week Hula

Lyrics & Music: Jack Pitman

Vamp: D7 G7 C A7  D7 G7 C

C                            A7
Little hula flirts in hula skirts

Winking at the boys in aloha shirts

That’s the way they do

C                      G7

The Aloha Week hula

C                          A7
Around the isle, mile by mile

Take a detour Hawaiian style

That’s the way they do

                               C            C7
The Aloha Week hula


For a brand new step you can try and match

Tutu walking in a taro patch

Clap your hands, the music is grand

G7                                                                  G7
Do an ami ami for the boys in the band   HEY!

C                         A7
Beat that drum, dum de dum

Wiggle in the middle it’s a lot of fun

When you learn to do

                              C                G7
The Aloha Week hula


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“Aloha week hula” is the second hula I learnt.  This song is simple, joyful.


What is Aloha week?

“In the spirit of preserving the Hawaiian culture and heritage, the Aloha Festivals were established in 1946 as Aloha Week by former members of the local Junior Chamber of Commerce. The former manager of the festivals, Goriann Akau, has said, “In 1946, after the war, Hawaiians needed an identity. We were lost and needed to regroup. When we started to celebrate our culture, we began to feel proud. We have a wonderful culture that had been buried for a number of years. This brought it out again. Self-esteem is more important than making a lot of money.” The main highlight of the original Aloha Week was the presentation of the Maui Royal Court and a floral parade, a two hour parade eastbound on Ala Moana Boulevard and Kalakaua Avenue through Downtown Honolulu, Kakaako, Ala monarch. ” (Source:

Some more information about the song:

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