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OKR #7 and my grumpiness

The world has become a worse place than it was since the previous OKR.

Gaming laptops: A rant

First and foremost, hashtag first world problem.

I am horrible at introducing myself

It’s the conference season again and I need to confront my monster again: I am horrible at introducing myself.

My Twitter addiction

Episode #1: The demise of RSS

Academic Twitter (Satire)

WARNING: This is satire. You have been warned.

Developing the profdr academic theme and musing of 90s homepage design

I am glad that more and more people use static site generators such as Jekyll and Hugo. After using one, I don’t want to go back to Wordpress or something similar.

OKR #6

Top 5 most important textual analysis methods papers of the year 2020

The evolution of my WFH computers

Notes: An unfinished draft of this blog post has been in my draft folder for so long. The original frame is to chronicle my journey of setting a new laptop. But getting a laptop is now well over a year. It is now almost like history now. So, I nee...

2021 Wrapped: R edition

An R Package Developer Prepares

In case you don't know: the title is a play on Stanislavski's "An Actor Prepares" (Работа актёра над собой)

Five ways I use Git / Github

Read the previous articles on R package development: software testing, development environment

I can't believe this blog is 20 years old

How I prepare ICA papers (or other APA papers): papaja, condensebib, trackdown

The title is a click-bait of course. This is like the logical sequel to my another post on how to create virtual conference videos.

A One-person Agenda for Open Review in Communication

Hi! My name is nobody and this is my take, which you can safely ignore, on the current Open Communication Science discussion. Having said so, my personal opinion does not represent any organization I am affiliated with.

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