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Advent of emacs #8: How I find information about emacs in emacs

Yesterday, I talked about mode and keymap/modemap. And it actually opens up a pandora box: How do I know all these information? In order to customize emacs, you need to find all the relevant information.

Advent of emacs #7: How I type special characters in emacs

Yesterday, I talked about displaying programming ligatures. A programming ligature, although in one single glyph as being displayed, is actually a sequence of characters. For example, |> are two characters | (the pipe) and > (greater than), ...

Advent of emacs #6: How I use (and fix) GUI emacs

After vi(m) vs emacs, the GUI vs terminal emacs debate is probably the second favorite past time of emacs Redditors.

Advent of emacs #5: How I use shell in emacs

Hongchao Liu thinks that emacs is the “2D command-line interface”. Sure enough, I could do many things with the 2D command-line interface. However, there are still many things I prefer to use the 1D command-line interface, i.e. the Linux shell. Ha...

Advent of emacs #4: How I launch emacs

emacs has a bad reputation for being “slow”. It is not that difficult to find derogatory expansions of the 5 characters e, m, a, c, and s. My favorite is “Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping”. It talks about how memory hungry emacs was. In the...

Advent of emacs #3: How I do literate configuration in emacs

On day 1, I talked about use-package. For using use-package, one needs to relaunch emacs to “refresh” the configuration, install emacs packages and stuffs. But how do I relaunch emacs?

Advent of emacs #2: How I make commands more discoverable in emacs

emacs has a bad reputation for being “difficult to use”. A piece of software can’t be difficult to use for the sake of being difficult to use. Of course, many people remember emacs for forcing them to memorize a lot of key combinations (C-x C-f, C...

Advent of emacs #1: How I do package management in emacs

While the programmers (surrounding me) are crazy about Advent of Code, I wanted to try something else. I really like the “Advent of X” format, but I don’t want to solve some artificial puzzles created by a game master. I have enough puzzles to sol...

An autoethnography on searching for the meaning of a 'single word'

This story has a beginning: I want to talk about the game Just One, a board game I recently have played a lot on an online platform.

rtoot and functional programming

I am now part of the development team of rtoot, yet another R package. The “cre” (maintainer) of the package is actually my team lead David Schoch at GESIS. He have written a blog post about rtoot. I don’t think I’ll need to repeat what he has sai...

A story about a hyphen

Actually, I am quite tired of stories about cultural differences. You can see many of them on Youtube or Instagram. Many of the stories are kind of cliché. Suprisingly, there are not much stories about cultural similarities. That might say one thi...

My webscraping inferno

Client-side content encryption

My teaching career (2019): A Consolatio

‘The evil of men is that they like to be teachers of others (人之患在好為人師)’ ~ Mencius

In your forties

In your forties, you surely has concerns

9-Euro Ticket and summer of travels

It all started from this amazing concept: 9-Euro Ticket.

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