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In your forties

In your forties, you surely has concerns

9-Euro Ticket and summer of travels

It all started from this amazing concept: 9-Euro Ticket.

OKR #7 and my grumpiness

The world has become a worse place than it was since the previous OKR.

Gaming laptops: A rant

First and foremost, hashtag first world problem.

I am horrible at introducing myself

It’s the conference season again and I need to confront my monster again: I am horrible at introducing myself.

My Twitter addiction

Episode #1: The demise of RSS

Academic Twitter (Satire)

WARNING: This is satire. You have been warned.

Developing the profdr academic theme and musing of 90s homepage design

I am glad that more and more people use static site generators such as Jekyll and Hugo. After using one, I don’t want to go back to Wordpress or something similar.

OKR #6

Top 5 most important textual analysis methods papers of the year 2020

The evolution of my WFH computers

Notes: An unfinished draft of this blog post has been in my draft folder for so long. The original frame is to chronicle my journey of setting a new laptop. But getting a laptop is now well over a year. It is now almost like history now. So, I nee...

2021 Wrapped: R edition

An R Package Developer Prepares

In case you don't know: the title is a play on Stanislavski's "An Actor Prepares" (Работа актёра над собой)

Five ways I use Git / Github

Read the previous articles on R package development: software testing, development environment

I can't believe this blog is 20 years old

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