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OKR and Read 2019 #3 (the Corona edition): Affective, EOS, OLPC

Read 2019 #2: Journalism, Craft of Research, Social History of Media

Read 2019: Political Communication, Post-Discipline, Write a lot

Top 5 most important textual analysis methods papers of the year 2019

Objectives and Key Results

密室 II

Conference reports (ICA, useR!, IC2S2)

Academic conferences: a survival guide for introverts

Week 8: Super simple bayesian statistical inference with R

學術會議, na schönen Dank auch!

Week 7: Creation of semantic networks

Week 6: Wrapping API queries with an R6 class



Week 5: Forecasting the future of this blog using time series analysis

2018 年的社交媒體與我

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