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OKR #4

Read #7: Science, clear, low countries, graduate school, English, C++

C++ as a second language from an R programmer's perspective

OKR #3

Wie repariert man einen Trackball (oder eine Maus, oder ein Zeigegerät)?

Laut diesem Blog nutze ich Trackballs seit 2006. Viele Trackballs werden mit dem Daumen verwendet. Die verwendung gefällt mir nicht, da der Daumen mir weh tut. Ich kaufe immer den Logitech Marble Mouse, weil man mit dem Zeigefinger einfach verwend...

Read #6: Media, Tyranny, Racism

The world is getting sickier and stupider. It is a world, as I said, I can’t understand.

Adaptive researcher series #1: how to overengineer your bibliography management (for good)

tl;dr You don’t need to do this.

Read #5: Clash of Civilizations, Data Science, Welfare for Autocrats

Side projects: a very academic love (& hate) story

tl;dr: Don’t do side projects. It is a waste of your time. You have been warned!

Learning enough elisp development to be dangerous: ess_rproj

tl;dr: I have wasted a lot of time on writing software with only one user again. And then I have wasted some more time to write a blog post that no one is interested in about that software. Probably I should use my time more effective in churning ...

readODS 1.7 is released

readODS 1.7 is released. Last release was in November 2018. I can’t remember what I was doing in November 2018. I can’t keep track of time now.

OKR #2

Learning enough front-end development to be dangerous: cranitup and hansolo

Read #4: Misinfo, Castells, Twitter

The World is sick and on fire, so I keep reading and here are my 3-sentence reviews.

How to create virtual conference videos: A practical guide

The title of this post is a click-bait. Given the fact that more and more academic conferences are now “virtualized”, we need to face the new normality of making presentation videos on your own. Usually, there is not much information on how to do ...

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