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How I prepare ICA papers (version 2023): emacs, overleaf, literate programming

The ICA writing season is now behind me. I can write about how I write my ICA papers, again. Previously, I wrote about how I prepare ICA papers in 2021. In that post, I said I wrote my ICA papers in RMarkdown over trackdown. Basically, putting the...

Extending R with C #3: still cnchar(), but with vectorization

(I decided to change the title, I will keep the old ones as “crappyverse”)

rang 0.3.0 or why computational reproducibility is not about recipes

rang 0.3.0 is on CRAN. Similar to rio 1.0.0 onward, rang is now under the umbrella of GESIS TSA. The biggest change is the support for Apptainer (thanks Egor Kotov for the contribution). A relatively minor improvement is the introduction of use_ra...

C++ Q&A for R package developers

I am now coauthor of the new R package adaR (my team lead David Schoch is the main author and maintainer). If you want to know more about the package, it’s better to go to this blog post.

Current thinking about writing R (2/2): Free as in mummies

Previously on this blog: clarity

Benchmark of R file formats using rio and friends

Previous on this blog: 10 years of rio, rio 1.0.0

Current thinking about writing R (1/2): Clarity

Increasingly often, more people are now working on my R programs. Partly, it is because of my current position. I am surrounded by some of the coolest coworkers ever and we can REALLY write code together as a team. Rather than I am being the only ...

rio 1.0.0

Update: 2023-09-19 jump

readODS 2.1.0

Previously on this blog: 1.7.0 / 1.8.0 / 2.0.0

10 years of rio

rio was born in the office showed at the lower right corner of this photosource: CC BY-SA 3.0

R performance tuning #3

Previously on this blog: #1 #2

R performance tuning #2

Previously on this blog: #1

Jekyll theme: profdr 0.0.3

Previously on this blog: profdr

R performance tuning #1

There have been several of tuning steps after my previous post on readODS 2.0.0. Now, pure R write_ods is twice as fast, just by tuning R code. But how to do the tuning? Let’s take an example: escaping XML. I actually talked about this previously:...

readODS 2.0.0

Previously on this blog: 1.7.0 / 1.8.0

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